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Letter to Parents

“Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older, he will remain on it.” Proverbs 22:6.

The center for the teaching of God’s words to our children is in our homes. Parents need to present the salvation message to their children, teach them how to be in God’s plan, and explain how to have a relationship with God. This will prepare them for adulthood in our complicated world of today. Remember the future of their nation lies with the path our children and the children of their generation will choose.

This home teaching should begin at a very young age. You are the ones who have most access to your children. Read books to them, adding your thoughts when they apply. I have found the Arch books to be excellent, adding or deleting parts when changes are in order. You need to sing and speak about God and His plan.

Make the teaching a normal and natural part of their lives. A few simple songs are included along with these tips.

This time should be a happy and fun part of their lives. Make up songs and put them with familiar tunes. A sample would be — Row, Row, Row your boat, words — Believe, Believe, Believe the Lord! Do not be afraid! God’s provided all our needs, His promises He gave. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, words — Daniel’s in the lion’s Den, Hungry lions there with him. Daniel prays and does not fear, He knows the Lord is near. You can be a Daniel, too. Believe God takes care of you. Children are able to remember the training for a longer period of time when the words are connected with a tune.

As your children grow older and begin to ask questions, encourage their questions and answer them as honestly and as simply as you are able, using the children’s vocabulary. The children need to know about the Lord Jesus Christ taking care of their sin problem for them so that they are able to spend forever life in heaven with God. Communicate the salvation message, not overwhelming them or pressuring them into making a decision. Let the Holy Spirit prepare the soil in their souls and let them make their own decision to believe.

After the children believe, you need to explain they are now a part of God’s family forever and God has a special plan designed just for them. As part of this plan, God wants them to know more about Him and his promises for them. In order to know about God, the children need to be taught the stories about God that are found in the Bible (which is His letter to them.) Review with them the study guide messages from the “Letter from God” series for young people, adding your own thoughts and applying the stories to their lives. Have a fun time with your children with quiz questions. When your children need to think to answer the questions, they will remember the question and the answer.

Your children need to be trained in God’s thinking. They need to know about sin — the weed plants in their souls (soil) that make them do, say, or think wrong things.

Teach them the importance of the recovery procedure of I John 1:9. The sin nature of your children is the secret weapon of Satan that encourages your children to sin. You need to attack the fallen natures of your children by teaching them right from wrong. You need to feed the good-thinking-plants in their soil (souls) with God’s messages and your children will know that God is their best friend.

Explain to your children that they are able to talk or pray to God. Explain that they should use the recovery procedure first. “God will not listen unless they name their sins before they talk to God,” Psalm 66:18. As you pray with your children, remind them that God also will hear them when they only think the words because God is able to read the thoughts in their minds. Encourage your children to talk to God daily, looking to God, not humankind, for solutions to their problems.

Teach your children by your example. Let them see that you know and love God. Daily show that you are interested in God and His plan and in having a relationship with Him. Show your children how you apply the stored messages in your soul to your life. Children are always eager to learn and you need only patience and love to teach and encourage them. “You must teach the stories to your children and talk about them when you are at home or out for a walk; at bedtime and the first thing in the morning,” Deuteronomy 6:7.

Praise to your children is a very important part of their lives. Praise your children for right behavior and a job well done. Encourage them when they make correct decisions and teach them they are responsible for their own choices. Your children will be happy when you notice their right actions and will realize that you love them. Praising right decisions and actions eliminates weak characteristics that come from their fallen natures.

Children need and want boundaries in their lives to guide them. They need to know the rules and what the right behavior is for them. Keep the rules simple and be consistent. Your children are all going to make mistakes because of their fallen natures. They also need to realize there is discipline connected with their wrong decisions and actions.

Your children also need training in good manners in order to be thoughtful and respectful of others. Good manners include obeying the authority of their parents, teachers, coaches and the laws of the land. Your children need to be taught how to be responsible and polite young people.

Talk to your children about death. Explain the real person lives in their soul and when they die their soul (the real person) leaves their body and is at home with the Lord in heaven forever. Be honest and gentle. Explain God gives us our life and God takes us home to heaven at the right time.

When you tuck your children in bed at night, help them memorize the verses to “Remember and Use in Your Daily Lives.” Remind them of who and what is the “Essence of God.” These are all found in the back of the messages in the “Letter From God” books. Sing a song with them as you tuck them in. Finish with talking to God and thanking God for all His blessings and His love for us.

It is Satan’s plan to distract us from traveling on God’s path. We as parents and extended family need to pray to God for guidance and direction in teaching our children. We need to put on God’s full armor and use our shield of faith (God’s stored messages in our souls, our true treasures in life). With our invisible armor and shield in place, we will have confidence that we are in God’s plan, traveling down God’s path, in a relationship with Him, and doing our best in training our children.

From time to time, we will all fail and make mistakes in this teaching process. We need to use the recovery procedure, move on determined not to give up, and keep trying as God the Holy Spirit stores more of God’s messages in our souls.

Jesus Christ on the cross in dark blue -black skies

With God’s help, we will have a new generation of winner believers, with great leaders, that represent the Lord Jesus Christ on our planet. With courage, these winner believers will be under the guidance, protection, and provision of God. They will be relaxed, content, and happy while traveling on God’s highway, prepared to face their future problems on planet earth

When a nation has a good supply of winner believers, the nation will be preserved.

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