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Letter From God 5

Tower of Babel and the New Languages

Special Promises to Abraham and His Seed


This study guide was written for the young people of the Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan in Allendale and you. May you enjoy it and find your reason to stay in God’s plan and on the path He has chosen just for you.

In these messages, we followed the lives of the only family left on planet earth after the disastrous flood judgement. We noted the many changes and God’s new rules for the human race. We discovered the reason for the “different languages” judgement for humankind.

We explored the beginning of the Jewish race and the covenant promises given to Abraham, the father of the new race. We followed these special promises to Abraham and his seed that will continue through time, after time and forever.

We noted the importance of the big test for Abraham on Mount Moriah. We thought of the time in the future when the Messiah-Savior would be the final offering on His altar of the cross.

We learned about the awesome fire judgement that fell upon the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is sad to study about God’s discipline to people who turn away from God and His warnings.

While we studied the many failures of Abraham, we noted his determination to recover and move on and to stay in God’s Divine master-plan for his life.

Book 5 ends with Jacob’s impressive dream of the angelic ladder reaching to heaven. We realized that Jacob’s Lord is also our Lord and is here with us today with His fantastic promises and blessings just for us. We salute our Lord God and bow and declare “How Great Thou Art.”

A Special Tribute to my faithful friend and companion who was always by my side when I was writing “Letter From God.” We shared many happy times during our daily walks together.

Molly especially loved swimming and running in the water when we walked along Lake Michigan. In her last kind look at me she was smiling. It was like she knew she had done her best in taking care of her master and it was time to move on. With her last look she seemed to be telling me to carry on with writing the “Letter From God” books for the young people. We were blessed to have Molly with us for twelve years.

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