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Letter From God 12

Writing "Letter from God" 12 with the “Contest and Discussions” Questions of Books 1-10

Thank you for your continued interest in the “Letter From God” series. Sharing these contest questions I use in my prep school class has been a goal of mine for some time. It is my hope that these questions help you with your study of the books 1-10. Giving you a peak into my classroom may also help you along the way.

In our class, each student has a copy of the book we are studying. While reading through the messages, the kids take turns reading the reference Bible verses in the back (which they seem to enjoy). Doing this helps them realize the study materials are God’s letter to them. While going though the messages, I sometimes ask questions and the kids also share their comments. Whenever we come across a difficult word, I always check with the students to see if they understand the meaning of the word.

At the end of each study message, we have a contest with one half of the class against the other half (boys against the girls if this works out). We try to have fair sides. The sides take turns answering the questions. If one side does not know the answer, the other side has a chance to reply. However, because it was not the second side’s question, the second side will have the next question. I know many of the questions are difficult, but the answers are found within the messages. Remember to consider part of an answer a correct one. You are allowed to give hints. Make it a fun project!

Going forward through the questions is a great opportunity for us to review the lessons. The kids all look forward to the contests and some of them prepare by studying their books at home. I’m always thrilled and amazed at the questions the young people are able to answer correctly. I usually have a small reward for the winning team, usually double treats.

Our country needs winner believers who know how to stay in the plan of God and represent the Lord Jesus on our planet. First, it is important for us to share the salvation message (believing the Lord Jesus took care of the sin problem). Next, we need to provide the materials for the kids to learn: the recovery procedure, how to keep the power of God the Holy Spirit, and how to store God’s messages in their souls, and—how to use these messages in their daily lives. Studying the guides help do this.

My hope is that all of you will become special winner believers, not only enjoying the blessings of God in time, but looking forward to your special future rewards in heaven forever.

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