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Letter From God 6

Jacob's Family in the Promised Land

Joseph as the Ruler of Egypt


The study guide was written for the young people of the Bible Doctrine Church in Allendale, Michigan and for those who desire to eat from our Tree of Life.

In Book 6 we followed the life of Jacob as he fled from his brother Esau. He found a home with his relatives in Haran. Twenty years later when Jacob left to return to the promised land, he had a huge family and great wealth.

It was exciting to study about Jacob’s wrestling match with the Lord and his strained meeting with his twin brother Esau. We felt Jacob’s sadness when he lost his favorite wife Rachel while she gave birth to her second son, Benjamin. Finally, back in Canaan, the promised land, we were happy to see Jacob reunited with his father Isaac.

Jacob’s eleventh son Joseph was interested in God and His messages (his soil/soul was prepared). We learned about the revelation-dreams that Joseph received from God. These dreams showed him that God had a plan for his life. We were shocked when we learned that Joseph’s brothers wanted to kill him and, instead, decided to sell him to slave traders on their way to Egypt.

It was fascinating to see how God promoted Joseph from the slave block in Egypt to the chief servant in charge of everything that Potipher (the captain in charge of the palace guard and homeland security) owned. We followed Joseph when he was unjustly put in prison and from there go on to become the ruler of the great land of Egypt.

We discovered why Joseph was happy and content wherever he was and how he made the right decisions to stay in God’s plan and wait for God’s timing — no weeds-plants growing in his soil/soul. We followed the severe famine that brought Joseph’s brothers to Egypt and their tearful reunion with Joseph. Book 6 ends with all of Jacob/Israel’s family living in the land of Egypt.

The “Letter From God” series were written to encourage you to store and use God’s messages. “Wisdom (God’s letter) is a tree of life to those who eat her fruit and happy is the man who keeps on eating from it,” Proverbs 3:18. We, who eat from the Tree of Life on earth will, as winner believers, receive passes to eat the fruit from the eternal “Tree of Life” in the King’s garden in the new Jerusalem. Also as part of our rewards, we will receive invitations to the fabulous events held in the gazebo in Abraham’s city. Believers, let’s stay in the plan that God has for our lives and meet under the “Tree of Life” during the reign of the King, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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