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Letter From God 16

King Solomon

Israel's Golden Years


Never before had Israel been so great and united. These were the golden years for Israel!

We watched as King Solomon gathered supplies for the construction of the Temple of the Lord. We noted how happy the Jews were obeying the Law and doing their part for the Temple.

After 7 years of construction, the awesome Temple was completed. When all the preparations were made, the dedication service began. After the Ark was carried by the priests into the Holy of Holies, the music and the singing began. Then an exciting thing happened — the large Glory cloud of the Lord filled the Temple! The Israelites now knew the Lord approved of the Temple and the Lord’s presence was there.

We noted with interest that the Temple was built on the same hill where Abraham was offering his son Isaac on the altar — when the Lord stopped him. In the future this will be the hill where God the Father would judge his Son, the promised Messiah, on the altar of the cross.

This also will be the same hill where the Lord will return as King of Kings to begin his 1,000 year reign on the earth.

We shared the excitement of the Sheba Queen when she visited King Solomon. The Queen loved the stories that Solomon told her about Israel’s God and the history of the Jewish race. Her favorite story was how Solomon’s father as a youth killed the giant Goliath with a small stone.

King Solomon went on to explain to the Sheba Queen how everything in the Temple pointed to the coming Messiah-Savior. After their many discussions, we were thrilled to hear about the Queen’s decision.

In the last half of his life, we followed King Solomon as he left the plan of God. Other things became more important in Solomon’s life. For many years he tried to find happiness with his many projects.

With weed-plants in his soul, Solomon was not obeying the Lord and made wrong decisions. Finally, Solomon realized without the Lord, he was miserable and bored.

We are able to tap into Solomon’s wisdom from the beginning of Solomon’s reign in the Book of Proverbs. At the end of his life, Solomon again teaches us from the Book of Ecclesiastes. As with the life of King David, we noted that the lessons from the life of King Solomon are there to teach us.

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