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Letter From God 28

A Letter Written to the Hebrews By Paul and Dr. Luke


Most of my books have been from the Old Testament. I have now ventured into the New Testament and learning so many new things. The whole Bible fits together so perfectly. We need the Old Testament to appreciate the New. I’m happy I wrote Book 28. Today, I think of the LORD Jesus Christ beside God the Father in presenting my prayers to the Father. I also think of ruling with Christ some day. It is exciting to discover what our next life will be. How angels will be our servants. How Christ defeated Satan at the cross. Why the Israelites missed their blessings. The warning lessons are for Israel and us. We studied about the victory of Christ seated at the right hand of God the Father. The Book of Hebrews is loaded with things for us in this Church age of grace. We discovered the new covenant with Christ as our divine royal High Priest in heaven because of Christ’s perfect complete grace offering. We loved studying the great heroes of faith. We found out our citizenship is in heaven. We are his ambassadors ready to give out the Church age gospel message—Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again. It is still a blessing for me to be able to teach at our Church—Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan. The joy I receive from these devoted young people is so rewarding.

A thank you note received by email from Tim Malahian, a missionary to Thailand about Book 27. Book 27 got stuck in his mail over there for five months before he got it. “It is lovely to see the photo of you with your wee disciples around the table. And though they are a small group, they represent a group of interested young believers in the client nation. I would hope (and pray) that their enthusiasm and application of the Word could provide the salt that the client nation needs to hold together until there might be a major turnaround on a large scale.” With Love in our LORD Tim and family despite opposition, God’s plan continues on in this world.

Also, I recently received a note from a student that I had several years ago. He was a serious student taking in every word.

Dear Mrs. Grysen, Thanks for all the Bible Doctrine you have taught me! I don’t know where I would be without your teaching. Thank you! God Bless! Love, Mason

Dear Readers,

I’ve always received inspiration from my walks along the water. I will continue to write as long as I am able. I love storing and learning more doctrine. I want to pack all I am able before my time is here to leave. Thank for your interest and kind notes encouraging me to carry on.

Serving our LORD,

Angeline Grysen

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