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Letter From God 15

Writing "Letter from God" 15 the "Contest and Discussions" Questions is an Amazing Review for Books 11, 13, and 14

Who is our invisible helper and teacher as we use these study guides? We need to think of the soul, with its thinking, as a garden. Do we have any weed-plants in the soil of our souls? If so, how do we get rid of them? Is there a way to replace the weed-plants and have good-plants in our soil/souls with right thinking — ready for God's messages?

What are weed-plants? They are the sin thoughts of fear, worry, bitterness, self-pity, guilt, doubt, pride, jealousy, anger, and on and on. Years of thinking these sin-thoughts make this thinking a terrible habit. But there is hope! There is a way to get rid of thoughts and habits that make us miserable!

First, one must become a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. This happens by believing that the Lord took care of our sins on the cross. When we have faith alone in Christ alone, we instantly are believers. Once we are believers, we belong to the Lord Jesus forever.

After believing, we need to get Christ's thinking from his letter, the Bible, planted and stored in our souls or minds. Christ's thinking will set us free from weed-plants. To receive Christ's thinking, we need a helper. God the Holy Spirit is our helper who will help us understand God's messages and store them in our souls. He will also bring these messages to our minds when we need them. God the Holy Spirit is everywhere at all times — ready to help and teach.

In order for the Holy Spirit to plant and store God's messages in our souls, we need to prepare our souls with good soil by confessing our sins privately to God the Father. Naming our sins will make us ready to take in God's thinking. It is a good idea to keep short accounts and confess our sins often. Remember, our sins are the wrong things we do, say, or think.

While we receive the Holy Spirit's indwelling when we believe, it is only when we confess our sins that the power of God the Holy Spirit is there. God's letter tells: If we don't confess or name our sins, the Lord will not hear us, Psalm 66:18. If we confess our sins, the Lord is faithful and just to forgive us and clean our souls from all sins, I John 1:9.

It is great to know we have divine help to keep the weed-plants from growing in our souls. Our happiest moments will be when our Teacher, God the Holy Spirit, helps us search for treasures in God's letter, stores them in our souls, and reminds us to use them. Using God's words, hidden in our hearts, will keep us free from weed-plants and sin. Check the end of Book 15 for Our Shepherd Lord.

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