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Letter From God 21

God's Perfect Plan Unfolding Through His



In God’s Letter (our Bible) we follow the faith-remnant (sometimes called the pivot) of believers following the plan of God (the Father). It was fascinating to see God’s plan unfolding though Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, the tower of Babel, and the important covenant/contract given to Abraham.

The amazing events in the life of Joseph and the new nation of Israel in Egypt show us how God prepared Moses to lead the nation out of Egypt and on to the promised land. We traveled with the Israelites to Mount Horeb/Sinai where Moses received the LORD’s (Lord Jesus Christ) instructions—the Law.

On Mount Sinai, Moses also received the blueprints for building a portable Tabernacle as a worship center for the Jews. The faith-remnant believers who stayed in God’s plan were content and happy with the LORD’s provision, protection, and care. They knew at their deaths they would be with the LORD in Paradise.

As the LORD as the Shekiah Glory lived in the Tabernacle, so today we, as believers are the LORD’s temple and the LORD lives in us. While Israel’s laws and instructions were not for us, if the laws are repeated in the New Testament, then they are for us to obey.

When we, as the faith-remnant, keep pressing and learning more about God, our sin nature is pushed out and the LORD’s Christ-like thinking moves in. We patiently wait for God’s timing and God the Holy Spirit’s teaching and guidance as we make our decisions in our lives.

There are many lessons for us to learn from the events in Book 21—Moses’s writing books. I took a break to refresh our memories and to give us the knowledge to understand the rest of God’s letter. The LORD Jesus Christ controls world history and continues to unfold God’s plan.

I’m excited to return to writing the “Letter From God” series. I will continue with Book 22 as the Faith-Remnant returns to Jerusalem. Thank you for joining me in this glorious walk in faith!

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