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Letter From God 14

King David

A Man After Our Lord God's Heart


Thank you for your interest in the life of David, a true servant of the Lord. God chose David to be the king of his people, the Israelites. Book 13 covered the Lord’s preparation of this young shepherd to be God’s greatest king of all time. While tending his father’s sheep, the Lord trained David to be a fantastic warrior and leader with confidence and courage.

As a young shepherd, when David wanted to know about the Lord, the Lord gave him revelation messages. When David wanted to know more, the Lord gave him more revelation and David’s love and trust for the Lord grew.

Using God’s messages gave David the Lord’s thinking. David wrote songs from these messages and sang them to calm the sheep. These were the songs David sang to calm King Saul. Throughout his life, David continued to write and compose songs about the Lord. We are grateful we have these songs today in the book of Psalms in God’s letter, our Bible.

Traveling through David’s reign, we share David’s excitement as he found and brought the Ark of the Lord back into the Tabernacle. David knew the Ark, with the Lord’s presence, was an important part of the worship service of God’s people.

We felt the awe David had for the Lord when he received the promises that were an extension of the contract promises given to Abraham. The Lord promised David that he was the first of a dynasty that would continue forever! From David’s descendants would come the promised Messiah-Savior who would rule forever!

We see how fast the dying David moved when he heard his son Adonijah, with the help of the high priest Abiathar and General Joab, set himself up as King of Israel. David knew God chose his son Solomon to be the next king of Israel.

We share the happiness of the dying David as his son Solomon was anointed king. David was overjoyed as he handed young Solomon the blueprints of the temple David received from the Lord.

Today we see lessons for us from the life of David. His patient waiting for God’s timing to take over the reign of the country and his decisions when he took his eyes off the Lord and left the plan of God. These decisions show us that if the winner believer David can fail and recover, so can we.

We need to learn from David’s mistakes and victories. We noted that when David confessed and took in more of God’s messages, he became a stronger winner believer enjoying the Lord’s many blessings.

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