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Letter From God 27

Tongues of Fire ACTS - Dr. Luke


In Book 27, we found how the Church first began with the Jews on Pentecost. It is the only Book that continues the events after the Gospel writers. After the gift of God the Holy Spirit and the speech of Peter, 3,000 people were added to the Church. Acts the early Church and Paul’s missionary activities. Acts the change from Judaism to Christianity.

It was interesting to hear the final words of Jesus to his disciples and to hear about our LORD’s accession. We found out why 12 disciples were needed as they would sit on the 12 thrones reigning over the LORD’s Kingdom when he returns to rule the earth. After this, the disciples became known as apostles.

As the believers met together on Pentecost, sound like the roaring of a mighty windstorm filled the house where they were meeting. Flames of tongues of fire appeared their heads. The apostles began to speak in languages they didn’t know. These believers were sons of the covenant made by God with Abraham. The apostles were able to perform miracles as Christ had done in his ministry. The number of Christian believers grew from three to five thousand.

One purpose in this special coming of God the Holy Spirit was to give power to the believers for their work. The place shook as with an earthquake. It sent the believers forth to proclaim the good news with renewed confidence. It was interesting to see Saul there at Stephen’s death and holding the coats of the men throwing the stones. After Stephen’s the Christians were scattered, but not defeated.

We noted the Philip and the Ethiopian Treasurer’s salvation, the dramatic conversion of Saul on the way to Damascus, the miracle of Tabatha alive, the visions of Peter and the centurion Cornelius. Peter learning Gentiles did not need to become Jews to be saved. The Big Church Council in Jerusalem concerning the Gentiles keeping Moses’s Law and circumcision and the letter they took to the churches.

During the Second Missionary Journey, Paul meets Aquila and his wife Priscilla, tent makers, as was Paul. My favorite events were the worship service of the women at the river in Philippi. Paul and Silas were in jail singing, and the simple gospel message of Paul in Acts 16:31-32. The dramatic rescue of the apostles and Peter from the jails.

During the third Missionary Journey in Troas, Paul brings Eutychus to life. The sleeping young man fell from the window to his death. In the crowd demands Paul’s life and as a Roman citizen, Paul demands to have before Caesar. Sailing back to Rome—the shipwreck at Malta and the snakebite were amazing.

This was a special book for me. I learned so much. Acts put these early Church happenings together for me. It will for you too. Enjoy!

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