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Letter From God 24

Following the Prophecy Road Map of Our Messiah-Savior's First and Second Coming to Earth


We hope Book 24 may answer some of your questions regarding the near prophecies of our LORD’s comings, his death, and his far prophecies of his 1000-year reign on earth. These far prophecies give us hope for our glorious future reigning on earth with our LORD as King.

Today we have the same prophetic words that the people heard in the Old Testament. They give us comfort, even though we know Satan is in charge of this earth. That is the reason we need to stay in God’s the Father Plan. We know that in God’s plan Satan can’t touch us. We know it is the Lord Jesus Christ who controls our history.

Understanding Biblical prophecy and its fulfillment, prevents us from being led astray by false teachers. Because of God’s faithfulness in time in fulfilling the near prophecies, we know Who will be the victor in the far prophecies.

Hopefully we will not repeat the problems of the dark days of Israel when the people rejected their LORD God, his love, and Law. When they stayed in God’s plan, there were blessings. When they went their own way and were under Satan’s influence, it was discipline. The LORD made the surrounding countries strong to discipline the Jews and bring them back.

God’s letter tells us of God’s rescue of the human race from the curse of sin. The curse of sin was taken care of by the life, death, and resurrection of the LORD Jesus Christ. The prophet Isaiah’s predictions are just one of many prophesies that tell about his coming. In Micah 5:2, we were told where the LORD would be born — Bethlehem.

In the life of Boaz and Ruth, we see how God in his plan was protecting their family line for the birth of the Messiah-Savior. The LORD told his prophet Samuel to go to Bethlehem and find a man named Jesse and anoint one of his sons. (cover of Book 24)

We saw how the LORD’s prophet, Balaam, played an important part of the prophecy — the “Star” from Jacob. In digging through God’s scrolls, the wise men from Persia found the Star and began their search for the Christ Child.

Today, are we serving the all-powerful LORD God Creator or are we making our own idols to worship and honor? The LORD is preparing the nations for his second coming. We do not know when this will be — only God the Father knows. Everything is ready! It could be soon. We need to prepare and be alert.

Dedication of Book 24 — to the Positive, Special Students in the 2013-2014 Jr. Class of the Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan. What a blessing it is to teach these truths to the next generation. I feel honored to be a part of their lives and helping them become part of the faith remnant in the years to come. They in turn are helping me understand their generation. There is hope — their love of their LORD shines through.

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