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Letter From God 8

Joshua's Mission to Conquer

And Divide the Land of Promise


After Moses died, Joshua became the military leader of Israel. Only Joshua, Caleb and their families remained of the original Israelites that departed Egypt with Moses. Joshua’s mission was the conquest and dividing of Canaan.

A new generation of Israelite warriors found that victories came only when they trusted in the Lord and obeyed Joshua’s instructions exactly. They had confidence, courage and were prepared.

We discovered how the inn-keeper Rahab become a special winner believer in the evil city of Jericho. We followed Rahab as she hid the Hebrew spies and helped them escape down her red rope. (A point of interest is that Rahab became the great-great grandmother of King David.)

It was fascinating to watch the miracle river-crossing with the Ark of the Lord leading the way. When Israel set up their camp at Gilgal, Joshua built a monument with the 12 stones that were taken from where the priests stood in the middle of the riverbed.

We stood in awe as we heard about the Stranger with the drawn sword that blocked Joshua’s way as he walked outside the city of Jericho. After this encounter, Joshua knew that the Lord their King would command their battles and His guardian army of angels would protect them.

For six days, we watched the spectacular marches by the Israelite warriors around Jericho. On the seventh day, after seven marches and powerful shouting, the 30 foot high walls really did come tumbling down without anything touching them.

Because the Gibeonites deceived Joshua into signing a peace treaty with them, Joshua was faced with fighting five huge armies that greatly outnumbered the Israelite warriors. This was the battle that stopped the sun and moon in the sky. That day, with the help of the Lord, Joshua and his warriors wiped out the five kings and their combined armies.

In the awesome valley of Shechem, it was exciting to watch the coffin with Joseph’s bones finally being buried. As Joshua related the impressive story of Joseph, the Israelites remembered how Joseph’s Sarcophagus had led their procession as they traveled on their way to the promised land.

Study Guide 8 is dedicated to my late husband Sheriff Bernard “Bud” Grysen who received his permanent change of station to heaven almost ten years ago. In writing about the military leader Joshua, I realized that Bud had been a modern day Joshua. Bud served the people of Ottawa County in Michigan for 25 years, five years as a deputy and twenty years as their Sheriff.

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