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Letter From God 20

The Burning of Jerusalem

and The Lord's Temple


The night before going to the cross for our sin problem our Lord changed the Passover Supper to our Communion Table. In the future reign of our Lord King on earth, the Lord King has the plans for the large marriage feast for all those who belong to Him.

In Book 20 we learned how the Lord sent the sun backward as a sign for King Hezekiah that he would not die, but live. We discovered that the Death Angel returned and killed 185,00 Assyrian soldiers who were about to take over Jerusalem.

We shared King Josiah’s excitement when the high priest Hilkiah discovered the hidden Book of the Law. We noted that the good Kings Hezekiah and Josiah both celebrated huge Passover Feasts during their reigns.

We saw in the second vision to the Lord’s prophet Jeremiah how the tipped pot (the northern kingdoms coming to destroy Judah) of boiling water was spilling over Jerusalem. The Lord’s prophets knew Judah and Jerusalem were going to be destroyed.

We studied the three invasions of King Nebuchnezzar of Babylon. The Lord continued though his prophets to warn the people it was in God’s plans for Babylon to destroy Jerusalem. After the last invasion, the Jews were taken into captivity to Babylon.

Sadly, the people would not listen to the Lord’s prophets—they believed their false prophets. However, there was a remnant of believers that did listen and studied the Lord’s revelations with his prophets. They were happy and content in God’s plan and were protected and provided for in Babylon. They looked forward to the deliverance in 70 years.

Today, the Lord is preparing the nations for his second coming – the stage is being set. In the final battle in the Meddigo Valley, the Lord will return to judge and rage war. He will destroy all the nations who are trying to kill the Jews throughout the world.

As the armies of the four great world powers converge on Jerusalem, the final Armegadden battle will begin. Just when it looks hopeless for the fighting believers in Jerusalem, a miracle of complete darkness will take place on earth. Then the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords will appear.

In Book 20 we are reminded of how under God’s direction, the Lord Jesus Christ controls history. Today, in God’s plan, the people on earth are given many warnings and every opportunity to turn to Him.

Instead of the Lord’s prophets today, we have the Lord’s pastors and teachers who are teaching the truths from God’s complete Letter (our Bible). Are we listening?

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