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Letter From God 11

Job As God's Star Witness

In Satan's Appeal Trial


As I began to pour through the study material of Job, I was shocked to realize what an amazing and important book Job is. It is the oldest written book of God’s letter. In this book we are privileged to have a unique glimpse into the Supreme Court of Heaven.

In the heavenly courtroom, we heard the awesome conversation between the Lord and Satan. Their discussion was about the blameless and upright believer living on the earth — Job.

We watched as Job struggled through the devious three-part attack of Satan. Job had no problem passing the first two parts of the attack, but the third one proved to be very challenging.

When it looked as if Satan were winning, Job’s friend Elihu and the Lord stepped in. Their words were a wake-up call for Job. I hope you catch the excitement of the direct words from the Lord. The Lord’s words were not only meant for Job and his friends, but they also belong to us.

This has been a unique year for me while writing number 11 of the study guides. Job was about halfway finished when I had a near-death experience. The attack struck without warning. For the first two days of my hospital stay, I was in and out of a coma. These two days were the most relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable experience of my life.

After recovering from this unknown brain-virus attack, I began to resume my writing. I was grateful to God to have my memory and ability to think intact. Then two months later, a second attack — a mini-stroke. This attack has left me with a slight numbness on my right side, but with no loss of motion. I considered the numbness as sort of my thorn in the flesh — a reminder for me to concentrate and focus on my writing.

I found it interesting that while writing about Job and his test, I also seemed to be experiencing some type of testing myself. Remembering that God determines the perfect time and manner of our death, I pressed on with a new urgency to complete Job.

It is my hope that you will be able to see the amazing character of our God with the eyes of your soul as Job did. In this fantastic book, you will discover and understand why God allows suffering and pain on our planet. I hope that you will go on to become a star witness, representing the Lord in Satan’s appeal trial, and become a “Job” in our time. Enjoy Job’s life and let him teach you!

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