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God Has a Plan

Before time began, a perfect plan was designed especially for you during the planning session of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

You can’t stay in God’s plan or on His path in your own strength. You need the power of God the Holy Spirit. God the Holy Spirit is the One who will teach you, store God’s messages in your soul, and help you to remember them.

To receive the power from God the Holy Spirit, you need to name your sins privately to God the Father. Your sins are the wrong things you do, say, or think. “If you name your sins, God is faithful and just to forgive your sins and to clean you from all your wrong doings, (sins you may have forgotten to name).” You need to remember to do this procedure often.

Do you want to have a fabulous life filled with happy times and a touch of the Eden Garden? In order to have this life, you need to stay on God’s path. Using the power from God the Holy Spirit is the secret to having this exciting life.

You know you are on God’s path, when you understand His letter and believe it. When you believe God’s messages and promises, God the Holy Spirit will automatically store them in your soul.

Another very important decision for you to make is whether you will apply these messages. If you only have stored them and are not using them, the messages will slowly leave your soul. The good news is that when you die, God’s messages in your soul will go with you to heaven. Your soul (the real you) can never die.

Traveling on God’s path, God will give you an opportunity to use His messages by testing you with temptations and problems. Passing these tests will give you more confidence and courage.

All the instructions for this great life are found in God’s letter to you, the Bible. As part of God’s instructions, you need to keep adding new messages to your soul. “Grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

God’s letter tells you that you have the mind (thinking) of the Lord Jesus Christ in His letter. The more messages from His letter you store, the more you will understand the thinking of God and your love for Him will grow. Your stored messages are your true treasures of life and in them you will find God’s plan designed just for you.

Staying in God’s plan, God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ will be your best friend. With your Lord as your companion, you will be relaxed, and be prepared to make the right choices.One of your biggest problems on God’s road will be …

Road Blocks

Satan and his demon troops. First they will try to stop you from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Once you believe, they will work hard to try to distract you from storing God’s messages. Satan knows that when you are on God’s path, God will give you happiness and gifts. Satan is also aware that your stored messages will be the basis for your mission on earth and forever. Satan does not want you to find a fantastic life on earth and rewards in your future life. He will do all he can to block you and keep you from going God’s way.

You need to realize that while the Lord Jesus Christ controls history through the winner believers representing Him on planet earth, the devil is in charge of this world. As long as you are in God’s plan on God’s path, Satan is unable to distract you or control you.

Each day will bring you new choices. With God’s messages as your compass to guide you, you will be able to make great decisions.

When you have named your sins and are applying God’s stored messages, you are aware that you are in God’s Plan. When you find yourself in a storm and are claiming God’s promises, you know you are on the right course.

Winner Believer

As a winner believer, Noah was content in the ark, Joseph was happy in prison, Jonah was relaxed in the belly of the fish, and Daniel fell fast asleep in the lion’s den.

As a winner believer, you will have a fabulous life. Claiming His promises when the storms and disasters come, you are prepared to go through them. In His plan, God will either protect you (wall of fire) or will call you home to heaven out of the disaster. When you go your own way off from God’s path, God will give you warning discipline, a wake-up call, to bring you back.

You will discover that happiness is what you are thinking, not what you are doing or where you are. Be careful what you think! When you think wrong thoughts, weed-plants will grow in your soil/soul. Storing God’s messages will push the weeds out. But weed-plants that keep growing will soon push out your stored messages. Fear, anger, worry, boredom, and feeling sorry for yourself are some of the strong weed-plants that are trying hard to get in your soil/soul. God the Holy Spirit can not help you when the weed/sins are in your soul. Name them to God the Father!

Award Ceremony

After the exit resurrection, there will be an award ceremony in heaven for Christian believers. The awards will be based on the amount of time you spent in God’s plan and the stored messages in your soul. While all Christians-believers will be in heaven, there will be a big difference in their rewards and decorations.

As you store God’s messages and make right decisions, you will discover with Joseph, that “All things do work together for those that LOVE God.” You will be thrilled as was Enoch to walk with the Lord as your friend. It will be exciting to be taught by God the Holy Spirit as your coach. Your life will be fantastic and you will have a touch of that Garden of Eden on earth.

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