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Letter From God 13

Samuel as Prophet Priest & Judge

Saul as King & David as the Shepherd Warrior


It was special to note how the young child Samuel was raised by the high priest Eli in the Tabernacle. Loving the Lord, Samuel went on to serve the Lord as His prophet, priest and judge.

Although it was not God’s timing for a king in Israel, God allowed the people to have King Saul. Saul did hold off Israel’s enemies, but he did not serve nor obey the Lord. He went his own way in his own strength. At the end of his life, we watched in horror as Saul consulted a witch or medium for guidance.

God did want Israel to have a king and was preparing and training His own man — a man after His divine thinking. To see the amazing way the Lord revealed himself to David and to see how David loved and trusted the Lord was awesome. David never lost sight of the fact that his Lord King was over him.

David developed courage and confidence in the Lord while caring for the sheep. It was in the hills around Bethlehem where David as a shepherd received his revelation messages. With his bare hands he killed a lion and bear who were stealing a lamb. Then came the big test. It was amazing to see this young shepherd face the huge Philistine giant, Goliath, with only his sling shot and the words, “The battle is the Lord’s.”

David became a great warrior and leader. He and his warriors had many victories. David’s courage and confidence in the Lord overflowed to others. We watched in awe how God protected and provided for David when Saul was trying to kill him.

It was interesting to see that when the strong winner believer David was out of God’s plan, he made wrong decisions. We realize how important it is for us today to stay in the plan of God and wait for God’s timing.

Today, as a nation, we need to get back to the truths of Christianity on which our founding fathers placed their hope for America. Only then will our country be blessed and prosper, and be protected from our enemies.

David was aware of the promise that in the future his Lord would reign as King over the earth. The Lord King will be from David’s own line and rule from his Zion hill, Psalm 2:6.

It was fascinating to watch God’s plan unfolding and see how a remnant of winner believers representing Him carried on and served Him. God chose David his servant and took him from the sheep pens. From tending the sheep, God brought David to be the shepherd of His people, the Israelites, Psalm 78:70-72.

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