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Letter From God 2

How God Sent Us His Letter

Four Types of Hearers and the Lost Sons


I wrote this study guide after teaching these messages to the young people of the Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan in Allendale. These messages were written with the hope that you may enjoy them and find your reason to stay in God’s plan and on the path He has chosen for you.

While studying these messages, we learned about the fascinating way God sent us His letter and how He preserved it for us throughout human history. We were amazed at the dedication of the scribes as they so carefully made copies of the old manuscripts preserving them for us. We were awed with the courage of the winner-believers who realized the importance of God’s letter and not only risked their lives, but gave their lives in order to translate God’s letter into our language for us.

We found the hidden meanings and lessons in two important parables that were taught by the Lord Jesus while on our planet as the God-Man-Savior. The Four Types of Soils — the first born son of Adam and Eve, Cain, the disciple Peter, the prophet Jonah, and King Josiah all taught us about the importance of the soil we have in our souls. The parable of the two Lost Sons taught us the importance of staying in a family relationship with God and under His guidance and protection.

We also discovered how to be equipped with the full invisible armor of God, making us winners in this unseen battle going on in our souls. We learned how to use the shield of faith and the weapon-sword of stored messages in our souls against the attacks of Satan and his army of demons.

In using our stored messages, we discovered where to find the true treasures of life. We learned how to be relaxed and happy (like Jonah in the belly of the large fish) knowing we are in God’s plan and under His protection. There, in the plan of God, we experience not only a touch of the garden of Eden with God’s special favors on earth, but will enjoy the fabulous privileges and rewards in the far better Eden Garden in heaven and a family relationship with God forever and ever.

“And there will be no night there—no need for lamps or sun—for the Lord God will be their light; and they shall reign forever and ever.” Revelation 22:5

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