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Letter From God 17

Israel Divided

The Lord's Prophets


In Book 17, we discovered the mistake of King Rehoboam in raising Israel's taxes — the kingdom divided into two parts. The northern ten tribes were called Israel with Jeroboam as their king. The southern two tribes were called Judah with King Rehoboam on the throne.

Instead of the northern tribes going down to Jerusalem to worship, King Jeroboam introduced a false worship of the Lord with a golden calf in Bethel and one in Dan. Many of the believers and Levites moved to the southern kingdom. This strengthened Judah and weakened Israel.

In Book 17 we traced the kings of the divided kingdoms. We noted how God used his prophets to give messages to the kings and the people. The prophets gave warnings to try to get the people to return back to God. Without faithful kings who served the Lord, the kingdoms suffered under terrible disasters. With faithful the kingdoms had peace and prosperity.

The northern kingdom moved deeper and deeper into idolatry — especially under the wicked kings Omri and his son Ahab. King Ahab married the evil Jezebel who was the daughter of the king of Sidon. She brought 950 false prophets and priests of the idol Baal with her.

We saw how the Lord's prophet Elijah stunned King Ahab with the dramatic message "There will be no rain in Israel for three and one-half years!" We watched as the Lord protected and provided for Elijah with powerful miracles. The Lord was preparing Elijah for the incredible showdown on Mount Carmel. The showdown was really between Satan and the prophets of Baal against the Lord and his one prophet Elijah.

We well remember Elijah's booming words, "Choose you this day whom you will serve, Baal or the Lord!" The challenge is still going on today. We saw how, during the ministry of the Lord Jesus on earth, his two heralds, Moses and Elijah, had a briefing with the Lord on the mount of Transfiguration. The Lord's three disciples, Peter, and observed this amazing event.

We studied about the future prophecy of Moses and Elijah when they will return to earth during the seven years of the Great Tribulation on earth. We noted that from Jerusalem their messages of the second coming of the Lord Jesus will be heard on worldwide communication.

At the end of their powerful mission, Moses and Elijah will be assassinated. As the world watches, their bodies will lie the streets of Jerusalem for three days! Then a demanding voice from heaven will call out, "Come up." With life restored to their bodies, they will rise up!

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