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Letter From God 1

Creations Through the Disastrous

Judgement of the Flood


Who is God and What is His Master Plan?

I wrote Book 1 of “God’s Letter to Young People” over a period of one year. It is the result of teaching the lessons of Creations through the Judgment of the Flood to young people in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades at the Bible Doctrine Church in Allendale, Michigan. Together, we looked up the reference verses as we explored the creations and the first civilization of the human race on planet earth. While doing this, we discovered the answers to many of our questions.

Book One


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We learned to face and solve problems, to experience happiness, and enjoy God’s special favors in our lives. As we studied, we found the reason to stay in God’s special plan for each one of us on planet earth. We discovered where to find the true treasures of life and the security of God’s own ark of protection for us.

We found out about the testing time for all the angels. We shared the lives of the first human civilization on the restored planet. We heard about the first marriage, the first family, the first murder and the first human arrival in Paradise.

We studied the life of the winner believer Enoch who left the earth without physical death. We learned about the brilliant master-plan of Satan and the real reason for the disastrous judgment of the flood. We heard about the life of Noah’s family inside the ark, and how the ark they built with God’s perfect plans proved to be a fantastic storm-proof vessel as it sailed along, the only visible object on the sinking earth.

I wrote Book 1 with the hope it may answer some of your questions you may have about God, the origin of life, and His plan for human creatures on the planet.

By studying God’s letter, you will experience not only a touch of the garden of Eden on earth but enjoy the special privileges in the far better Eden Garden of eternity with a relationship with God forever and ever.

“And there will be no night there—no need for lamps or sun—for the Lord God will be their light; and they shall reign forever and ever.” Revelation 22:5

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