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Letter From God 7

Moses' Mission to Lead

God's People to the Promise Land


In Book 7, we followed the life of Moses from his birth to his death. It was fascinating to watch how God prepared His servant, Moses, for the impossible mission of leading the two million Israelite believers out of slavery in Egypt and on to the promised land of Canaan.

It was exciting to watch the weather angels guiding the basket that contained baby Moses directly to the bathing beach of Pharaoh’s daughter, Nefure. The Princess Nefure raised Moses in Pharaoh’s palace as her son.

We studied God’s ten miracle judgements that showed how the many Egyptian gods were powerless against these plagues. We learned that the last death plague finally changed Pharaoh’s mind, and he let the Israelites go.

We will never forget the spectacular crossing of the Red Sea by Moses and the Israelites. Because of the destruction of Pharaoh and the Egyptian army in the Red Sea, the new nation called Israel was now really free! We discovered that while Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the commandments and the law from the Lord, there was a huge problem below. Aaron had made a golden calf-idol for the people. At this time, most of the believers were loser believers with weed-plants filling their soil/souls.

We found that watching the people build the portable Tabernacle from the plans Moses had received on Mount Sinai was awesome. This tent/temple was the place where the people and the Lord could come together. Special was the most Holy Place that was the throne room of the Lord King. Only the Ark of the covenant was in this room with the lid serving as the mercy throne.

With all the tests in the desert, God was trying to teach the people that when they stayed in God’s plan and obeyed His law, they were blessed. When they went their own way, they were under God’s discipline.

Even though the first generation of Israelites failed, the second generation taught by Moses, had stored God’s messages in their souls. As winner believers, they were prepared and had the courage to conquer the Land.

Moses wrote the first five books of God’s letter for our instruction. “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the encouragement of God’s letter, we might have hope (confidence) to press on with our MARCHING orders,” Romans 15:4.


The reference verses for “God’s Letter” are listed at the end of the study messages for your reading. They are from the living Bible, the New International Version, the New American Standard Bible and the King James Version. If there is no reference number listed, the verse is contained in the preceding words.

Letter from God is Dedicated

This study guide is dedicated to YOU, dear reader. It is our hope that you will not only enjoy God’s messages, but that you will store them in your soul. Together, as we use the stored messages, we will share our Lord’s thinking, His happiness, and His love. Available to us will be His guidance, His provision, and His protection.


Ever your friend, Angeline Jane Grysen

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