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God's Letters 9-18

Letter from God 9 - The Israelites Reject Their Lord King Faithful God Sends Judges to Deliver

Letter from God 10 - Ruth the Moabitess Serving her Lord in God's Plan

Letter from God 11 - Job As God's Star Witness In Satan's Appeal Trial

Letter from God 12 - Writing "Letter from God" 12 with the “Contest and Discussions” Questions of Books 1-10

Letter from God 13 - Samuel as Prophet Priest & Judge Saul as King & David as the Shepherd Warrior

Letter from God 14 - King David A Man After Our Lord God's Heart

God's Letters 9-18Letter from God 15 - Writing "Letter from God" 15 the "Contest and Discussions" Questions is an Amazing Review for Books 11, 13, and 14

Letter from God 16 - King Solomon Israel's Golden Years

Letter from God 17 - Israel Divided The Lord's Prophets

Letter from God 18 - The Lord God's Wake-Up Miracles For Failing Israel